Woman’s Role in Leadership Ministry

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update on where I stand in my journey to better understand the role of women in ministry. Since my earlier posts, I haven’t felt like I’ve gone back and forth as muchin my struggle to understand. It’s almost as if the distance between the “back” and “forth” … Continue reading Woman’s Role in Leadership Ministry


How to Be a Strong-Willed & Submissive Wife

I wasn’t raised around very many self-declared feminists. I didn’t even see very many “egalitarian” marriages modeled. I knew strong-willed women, but they never appeared to be the dominant one in their relationship. When I went to college, I declared myself an anti-feminist, then met a man who served in a church denomination that was … Continue reading How to Be a Strong-Willed & Submissive Wife

Over-sexualization and an Argument for Bikinis

I recently heard an argument for wearing bikinis that seemed quite strong and in alignment with most of the other strong pro-bikini arguments I’ve heard. These arguments usually hinge on the idea that girls need to be taught self-confidence, develop healthy body image, and that wearing a bikinis aids in accomplishing these goals. This idea … Continue reading Over-sexualization and an Argument for Bikinis