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I chose the blog name “Call Me Woman” because it’s a strong statement. It could almost give an independent, feministic and even intimidating impression.

But to me, it goes beneath the surface. Yes, it’s confidence, strength and power. But confidence in something different than the epitome of the feminist ideals. It’s a confidence in a deep, mysterious, and nearly lost femininity. It’s the confidence to break the mold and rediscover who women truly are.

In a world that demands we juggle marriage, motherhood, a career, education, appearances and a million other expectations, finding our role and defining our identity is difficult.

But, it can be found. 

It is a search and a journey, but there is hope in that we find pieces of ourselves along the way. This blog details my thoughts, stories, and pieces I find of the feminine identity in this feminist world.

 My passions are all relational at their core: marriage, adoption, and the Church. I hope you enjoy my posts on these topics and share your own!

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 | Jesus-lover | Wife | Church Planter | Social Worker | Writer | Poet | Romantic | Optimist | Wannabe Minimalist |

“She will be called ‘woman’” (Genesis 2:23)

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